Mirror Hoop

Our mirror basketball hoops feature 1/4″ acrylic mirrors for a solid clear reflection that won’t shatter. Each mirrored backboard is framed in real wood, finished with gold or silver paint, with a matching Cuban link chain net.

Hoop Dream Studios’ mirror basketball hoops offer a clean, classic look that integrates seamlessly into any interior style. Mirrors are functional décor, utilitarian in design, with the magical power of reflecting both light and whatever is placed in front of them. Use one of our mirrored hoops to heighten your interior and multiply space itself.

Each Hoop Dream Studios basketball hoop is hand-made and crafted by trained artists using the finest materials to exact specifications. Each piece doubles as a functional basketball hoop and bold décor, perfect for display in your home, as a statement art piece, or as a playful addition to an office or game room.

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  • Size

  • 26"
  • SIZE –

    22 X 26″

    Rim Diameter –


    Net Length-


    Approx. Weight-

    12 LBS



    PRICE -