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Leather Hoops

Leather Hoops

Our leather basketball hoops feature tufted backboards in muted colorways. Available in sizes from 19” (mini basketball hoop) to 50” (full-size basketball hoop). Made with high-quality faux, vegan leather.

Our leather basketball hoops are fashion-inspired, using high-quality vegan leather for each iconic backboard. Leather offers a classic look while nodding to sneakerhead and basketball culture. Each leather backboard is framed in real wood, finished with gold paint or an exact color match to the leather for a monochromatic look. Cuban link chain is used for the net, finished to match the frame.

All Hoop Dream Studios hoops are hand-made and crafted by trained artists using the finest materials to exact specifications. Each piece doubles as a functional basketball hoop and bold décor. Perfect for display in your home, as a statement art piece, or as a playful addition to an office or game room.

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