about hoop dream studios

Hoop Dream Studios (HDS) works at the intersection of design, sport, and craftsmanship to bring innovative works of art to life.

A man working on a laptop in a workshop.
our story

Founded by California-based artist Jarrett Ellis in 2018, HDS is a reflection of founder Ellis’ lifelong love for basketball.

Hoop Dream Studios founder Jarrett Ellis created his first decorated basketball hoop for a found art project assignment during his junior year at Loyola Marymount University. The unique, inspired hoop started generating buzz in a major way, so he made more. The hoops drew fans,  leading Ellis to create a massive senior thesis that marked the official beginning of HDS.

Today, Hoop Dream Studios exists with the mission to elevate basketball to a new level of design. Our artisans create one-of-a-kind pieces with the basketball hoop as the canvas. We use the finest materials, exact specifications, and bold creative standards to pair the height of design with sports iconography and cultural callouts. Our hoops let fans engage with basketball culture by owning a work of art that speaks to their identity.

About two men working on a project in a garage.
About a person using a circular saw on a piece of wood.
About a man working on a basketball hoop.

Hoop dream studios collaborates with global brands and hosts activations across the U.S., from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

HOOP DREAM STUDIOS COLLECTORS INCLUDE HOUSEHOLD NAMES LIKE YOUNG THUG, MIKE EPPS, AND PARIS HILTON. As the brand grows, Ellis hopes to maintain a community-oriented focus at his work’s core, keeping the brand accessible to anybody interested in the sport, and bringing people together through basketball.

handmade in downtown la